6-12-12 Curt and Qdoba Mexican Grill are partnering to help Curt train to help his team defend their Olympic Gold in Russia in 2014. Support Nebraska area Qdoba restaurants by trying a new Mango Salad.

4-15-12 BMW of Lincoln becomes newest supporter of Curt Tomasevicz and his bobsled goals. Check out the awesome new and pre-owned BMWs
here along with all the deals at the Husker Auto Group.

3-8-12 Night Train is USOC Team of the Month read more

1-24-12 Can't end the Medal Drought. Fourth place in St. Moritz. read more

1-15-12 Night Train 6th in last German race of the season
read more

1-8-12  More weather touble in Germany for the Night Train read more

11-20-11 The Night Train begins the 2011/2012 season with a pair of medals in Austria. read more

9-12-11 National Push Championships Prove USA I is Ready for 2011-2012 Seasonread more

2-28-11 Night Train climbs to bronze medal at 2011 World Championships read more

2-13-11 ESPN magazine article about Curt's NASCAR Pit Crew tryout read more

2-5-11 2-man finish in Cesana, Italy read more

2-3-11 Tomasevicz finishes 7th at World Push Championships read more

1-30-11 Eighth place in St. Moritz, Switzerland read more

1-27-11 Night Train named the USOC Team of the Year! read more

1-23-11 4-man Team finishes 6th in Winterberg, Germanyread more

1-22-11 Tomasevicz and Holcomb finish 9th in 2-man. read more

1-16-11 The American team wins the bronze at the World Cup 4-man race in Igls, Austria read more

1-19-10 The 2010 Olympic bobsled team is announced!! Team Night Train will represent the U.S. as the top sled along with two other sleds. Curt will push for Holcomb in both 2-man and 4-man. read more

1-15-10 World Champion team receive rings from Jostens.

12-7-09 GOLD MEDALS in back to back races. The Night Train boys took home 1st place in both the Lake Placid and the Cesana, Italy 4-man world cup races. read more

12-5-09 Holcomb and Tomasevicz win the bronze medal in Cesana, Italy 2-man world cup. read more

11-14-09 First world cup races held in Park City, UT. The "Night Train" gets 7th and the new "Night Hawk" gets 4th. read more

9-20-09 The best 16 push athletes in the country gathered in Calgary, Canada for the U.S. National Push Championships.

9-8-09 A big thank you to Boyd Epley and Kevin Reilly as the generously donated an electric timing system to help Curt improve sprint times.  Click here to check out Epic Athletic Performance.

7-22-09 Team Holcomb spends time in A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina.  watch video  read more

7-22-09 USBSF hosts the annual team camp in Colorado Springs.  view pics1  view pics2  view pics3  incline pics

7-22-09 Curt Tomasevicz is named the USBSF Athlete's Choice Award Winner for the 2008-2009 bobsled season. Team Night Train is the Team of the Year after claiming the world championship in February. read more  

3-15-09 Passenger bobsled rides during Appreciation Weekend in Park City for some Tomasevicz supporters. Thanks to everyone for their help throughout the year!

Phil Hall, Jeff Kuhnel, and Jon Tomasevicz get some last minute instructions before their passenger ride in Park City, Utah.

3-1-09 World Champions!!!
USA I wins the world championship title for the first time in 50 years. read more   read more2

2-21-09 Bronze medal in 2009 2-man World Championships for Holcomb and Tomasevicz. read more

2-15-09 Double Gold in Park City 4-man races. The "Night Train" flew to the fastest runs of the two races to claim two gold medals. read more

2-9-09 Silver in Whistler 4-man!!  read more

2-8-09 8th Place finish in 2-man in Whistler, Canada, site of the 2010 Games. read more

1-14-09 Curt Tomasevicz is named the USBSF representative to the USOC Athlete Advisory Counsil. read more

1-12-09  2009 4-Man National Champions! 
read more

12-19-08 Team Holcomb wins another medal in Igls, Austria. read more

12-6-08 Weather keeps USA I from finishing with top sleds in Altenberg, Germany.
read more

11-30-08 Bronze medal in first World Cup race in Winterberg, Germany.  read more

11-4-08 USA I wins three America's Cup races to begin the season.  2-man race  4-man race1  4-man race2

9-7-08 Curt Tomasevicz finished third at the U.S. National Push Championships held in Calgary, Canada. read more 

6-21-08  Tomasevicz is named the National Bobsled Athlete of the Year.

4-6-08  5th Place in Lake Placid America's Cup.
read more

Curt Tomasevicz and Steve Langton compete in Lake Placid, NY.

3-19-08 USOC's Team of the Month for February
read more

2-22-08 USA takes the bronze in the World Championships Team Event read more

2-29-08 Curt competes with USA I 4-man team to sixth place in World Championships read more

2-21-08 Curt and Steve Holcomb place in the top ten in the 2 man World Championships in Altenberg, Germany.
read more

2-14-08 USA I finishes the World Cup circuit ranked number 4 in the world.  read more

1-24-08 Bronze medal in Calgary America's Cup 
read more

1-17-08 First races as a driver in Park City, Utah. read more

12-16-07 Lake Placid - Bronze in 2 man.
read more

12-7-07 Park City - Gold in 2 man. read more

11-30-07 Calgary - Silver in 2 man. read more
















The Experience 
                        -- by Curt Tomasevicz
    Although the recent success of the national team has certainly helped, I realize the popularity of the sport (especially in the un-mountainous region of Nebraska) is not as high as it is in other parts of the world. So this is a meager attempt at giving a description of the sport of bobsledding. The basic facts and history of the sport can be found on the FIBT website using the links on the left side of this page

I’ve been asked a number of times, “What’s it like going down the track?” I’ve tried to describe the 'trips' in a variety of ways such as a violent roller coaster, a car ride on the freeway, or sometimes a nightmare on ice! But, truthfully, none of these can truly give you full appreciation of a trip. It’s something that must be experienced firsthand to be understood. 
    There is a certain beauty to the sport that I’ve come to see through my hundreds of bobsled trips. One of the great things about the sport is its purity. Although the science and technology behind the sleds, the tracks, and the athletes is incredibly detailed, it’s basically a simple sport. There is no motor or external force other than straight man-power and gravity. The team that can go the fastest and get from the top of the hill to the bottom in the shortest time wins the race. There are no short cuts or easy ways to go fast. 
The driver’s contribution to the trip may seem trivial, but in fact, there couldn’t be a more wrong answer. From the spectator’s viewpoint, the sled goes by at blazing speeds with the driver doing very little. But underneath the cowling (as shown in the picture), the driver is guiding the sled down with the slightest of hand movements on the D-rings (the green vertical loops). The D-rings are connected by ropes to the front axle.  Controlling a bobsled is not an easy task. It’s having steady enough hands to make gentle half-inch movements while teetering on the edge of out-of-control at incredible speeds. Drivers don’t necessarily steer only by what they are seeing, but more by what they are feeling. Traveling at 80 plus miles per hour, the curves (both small and big) bring pressures and G-forces that ‘tell’ a driver how to manipulate the sled. 
Another beauty of the sport is the fact that it’s on ice. Four-man sleds weigh nearly 1400 pounds on steel runners that allow for minimal friction. Driving is an attempt at controlling something that isn’t meant to be controlled. The sled may not react immediately, if at all, as a driver pulls on the D-rings. He must feel the pressure in the curve and understand the best way to enter and exit each turn. 
The trip itself, for either a driver or a push athlete, is an incredible adrenaline rush. Four man sleds have reached speeds of over 90 miles per hour and have gone through 3+ seconds of curve with five times the force of gravity pulling on the team. Furthermore, for brief moments, a brakeman can feel up to seven G’s as the sled exits a curve. People have asked me what I think about when I’m going done the ice. I have to respond simply with, “Nothing goes through my mind, but the ride.” I'm so focused on the trip that no matter what I was thinking five minutes before, it’s now completely forgotten. I’m a huge fan of Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder is able to write many lyrics that could easily be turned into poems. While talking with Laird Hamilton, an extreme adventure surfer (and brief bobsledder), Eddie talked about the serenity of surfing and I think that the same can be applied to sledding. 
    “Once you’re on the wave, there’s no thinking that takes place outside the wave. That’s the beauty of it. You’re not allowed to think about anything other than what’s happening right in the moment.” 
    Each bobsled trip lasts about a minute, plus or minus depending on the track. For that minute, you are completely absorbed in the moment; the speed, the pressures, and the feel of the "wave".



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